Robot Photographers Tour the Solar System

A new book showcases photos from rovers and space probes

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Eliza Strickland is a Senior Editor at IEEE Spectrum covering AI and biomedical engineering.

Robot Photographers Tour the Solar System
Photo: NASA/JPL/UMD/Michael Benson/Kinetikon Pictures

Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Michael Benson/Kinetikon Pictures
Benson calls the Cassini probe a model for 21st-century space exploration, and he has good reason to be impressed: The sturdy probe entered Saturn’s orbit in 2004, and today it’s still snapping pictures of the planet, its rings, and its moons. This image shows the planet’s rings edge on, with the moons Tethys to the left and Mimas to the right. Ring shadows fall across Saturn’s northern hemisphere.

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