Public Engagement in Nanotech Gets a Blog

I had the good fortune to work briefly with Hilary Sutcliffe on her development of the Nano&Me public engagement website, which I discussed previously here, and which I was sad to hear would not be hosted after January if new funding was not secured.

So I was drawn to reading her rather critical assessment of the public engagement exercises in the UK thus far, which can be found in PDF format from the Responsible Nano Forum website.

What I was pleased to discover as well is that she authors a blog for the Responsible Nanoforum that brings her no-nonsense sensibility to the issues of nanotechnology, and in particular the travails of public engagement in nanotech.

It is a new blog and there aren’t currently very many entries. But if Nano&me website fails to get its funding to continue, I hope that we will keep this blog to have some balanced voice on the topic of public engagement.



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Dexter Johnson
Madrid, Spain