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Support the IEEE Foundation This Giving Tuesday

Your donations can benefit educational and humanitarian programs

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Giving Tuesday—30 November—is an international day of generosity that unleashes the power of people and organizations to transform communities worldwide. IEEE and the IEEE Foundation encourage our community to make an impact.

The breadth and impact of IEEE programs is inspiring and includes efforts that:

  • Illuminate the possibilities of technology to address global challenges.
  • Educate and inspire the next generation of innovators and engineers.
  • Engage a wider audience to appreciate the impact of engineering.
  • Energize innovation by celebrating excellence.

This year there are two interesting ways to support the IEEE Foundation. One is to allow a matching gift to double your donation; the other is to direct donations to a specific IEEE program.

The first US $12,500 donated to the Giving Tuesday campaign will be matched, dollar for dollar, by an anonymous donor.

For those who make a donation to a specific program, once 30 unique donors have contributed at least $10, the program will receive a $500 bonus grant from the IEEE Foundation.


Donating is not the only way to make an impact on Giving Tuesday. Here are some ways you can help spread the word about the IEEE Foundation's campaign:

  • Share, like, and comment on our Giving Tuesday posts on Facebook and Twitter leading up to—and on the day of—the event.
  • Post an #Unselfie—a photo of yourself accompanied by why you support IEEE's philanthropic programs—on your favorite social media sites to share what IEEE program you're supporting. Don't forget to tag the IEEE Foundation and use the #IEEEGivingTuesday hashtag.
  • Host your own Giving Tuesday fundraiser on Facebook and encourage others to join you in giving.

The IEEE Foundation has developed a tool kit to help members spread the word about Giving Tuesday. Check the IEEE Foundation Giving Tuesday website for news, and follow the IEEE Foundation on Facebook for real-time updates.

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