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The IEEE Board of Directors sanctions a member

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The IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee (EMCC) received a complaint against Dr. Tao Li, a member in the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. Following an EMCC investigation, a hearing board appointed by the IEEE Board of Directors found cause that Dr. Li had violated Section II, Subsections 7 and 8 of the IEEE Code of Ethics. The IEEE Board of Directors sustained these findings and imposed the sanction of Expulsion from IEEE Membership on Dr. Li, in accordance with IEEE Bylaw I-110.5. The IEEE Board of Directors also determined that this notification to the IEEE membership should be made.

This article appears in the March 2023 print issue.

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Omar Morais
Omar Morais31 Dec, 2022

Is there a report we can read or a statement? because right now you're just blasting a complaint world wide without linking to anything to give us some context, really unprofessional here.

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Kai T Chen
Kai T Chen19 Jan, 2023

@Omar and @Lodovico - here you go. you're welcome -