From Dream Jobber to Dream Date

Engineer (and 2006 Spectrum Dream Jobber) Grant Imahara is a hot ticket at San Francisco bachelor auction

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From Dream Jobber to Dream Date

Last night at the San Francisco Bachelor Auction, engineer (and Spectrum 2006 Dream Jobber) Grant Imahara was among 25 Bay Area men who put together “dream dates” in the name of charity, offering up a day of fun for top bidders. The list of date packages included wine tasting and opera, champagne and strawberries at the zoo, and lingerie shopping.

And then there was Imahara. His plans for the dream date include Go-kart racing and flying in a wind tunnel. And these plans, along with Imahara’s tech cred, got a lot of interest from potential bidders. Wrote one blogger, “HOW COOL WOULD TIME WITH GRANT BE?!?  We could tour the MythBusters warehouse, get the inside scoop on the Star Wars prequals, or just build remote controlled mice for my cats to play with. (Don't you judge me!  And, besides, the ones on the market suck.)”

The fundraising event in San Francisco was hosted by the Guardsmen, a volunteer organization that provides services to inner city youth.

While there hasn’t been an official report of the auction results yet, according to Imahara’s twitter feed the top bidders who will be joining him for a day of adventure are a pair of “science gals.”

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