Dragon Capsule Lined Up for Docking

After capture by ISS' robotic arm, maneuvered into position

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Samuel K. Moore is IEEE Spectrum’s semiconductor editor.

Dragon Capsule Lined Up for Docking


Hello, gorgeous!

The ISS captured the SpaceX dragon capsule earlier this morning and is in the process of lining it up to dock with the station. Above you're looking at Dragon from the camera at the docking point. And below you can see the arm maneuvering the spacecraft into position with the station's robotic arm. A successful docking would be proof that the shift toward privatizing space flight is possible. But, don't forget that Dragon has to make it back to earth safely with 650 kg of ISS gear on board. And it will still probably be years before SpaceX is ferrying humans into space. 

Follow the action at Nasa TV.


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