Chalk One Up for the Little Guy in the Big Business of Nanotech

Oxonica sells its energy division to inventor of diesel fuel additive

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I have followed with a mix of bemusement and pity the long slow downward spiral of Oxonica. The final denouement, if you will, was Oxonica selling Oxonica Energy Limited to Energenics Holdings Pte, the company that they tried to stiff arm out of paying royalty fees to and then attempted to hold up in a prolonged legal battle, which they ultimately lost leading to this sale.

This is not a sad story, however, because now the inventor of the fuel additive that makes diesel fuels run more efficiently, Ronen Hazarika, CEO of Energenics, will be taking over the business. And it seems by using the original nano-enabled formula Energenics' product has proven quite effective in increasing diesel fuel efficiency.

While this may mark the end of this story, it is not quite the epilogue, and as TNTLog has pointed out we may yet see some interesting parts of this story revealed over time. 

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