California Is Still Top Spot for U.S. Tech Jobs

While Amazon leads rankings of tech employers

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Where are all the U.S. tech jobs? California, of course, and the region shows no sign of losing its dominance, according to a study by job search firm Dice. Dice analyzed 6 million 2019 job postings in the United States in a database provided by Burning Glass Technologies, which aggregated data from employer sites, job boards, and staffing agencies.

While pundits regularly predict that California’s congestion and high cost of housing will drive new regions to take over as the next Silicon Valley, the Dice analysis indicated that California won’t be losing its crown anytime soon.

Top 10 U.S. Tech States, 2019

3New York
7North Carolina

Source: Dice

Besides leading Dice’s 2019 ranking for number of job postings for tech professionals, California came close to the top, just behind Florida and Ohio, in year-over-year growth, at 23 percent. And the boom is statewide. While San Francisco had the largest number of job listings, nearby Sunnyvale posted 30 percent year-over-year growth, while sunny San Diego’s tech job listings expanded 37 percent. Young tech professionals are being drawn to the area by these jobs, the Dice report indicated, with San Francisco’s population of 20-to-29-year olds up 13 percent since 2012.

In terms of individual cities, New York beat San Francisco for the second year running, fueled by the presence of Amazon, Google, and a number of startups.

Top 10 U.S. Tech Cities, 2019

1New York, N.Y.
2San Francisco, Calif.
3Chicago, Ill.
4Atlanta, Ga.
5Los Angeles, Calif.
6San Diego, Calif.
7Charlotte, N.C.
8Austin, Texas
9San Jose, Calif.
10Seattle, Wash.

Source: Dice

Nationally, Amazon led the ranks of top U.S. tech employers, followed by General Dynamics, which, the Dice study pointed out, may be due to a recent contract awarded to its electric boat unit, and Verizon. Interestingly, fourth place went to India-based consulting firm Infosys, which has been expanding its U.S. presence.

Top 10 U.S. Tech Employers, 2019

2General Dynamics
3Verizon Communications
7Lockheed Martin

Source: Dice

The full Dice report is available here.

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