Robotic Pillow Pokes Snoring Humans in the Face

This robotic pillow bear sure looks comfy. And he is comfy. So comfy, in fact, that you're supposed to fall asleep on him. But you'd better not start snoring, because if you do, the robot will gently reach over and smack you in the face:

Okay, so maybe it's more of a tickle, but still... 

The idea here is not just to let long-suffering partners finally get some sleep already, but to help people who have sleep apnea, which is a disorder that causes abnormal breathing while you're passed out. The pillow includes a fancy wireless blood oxygen sensor (also shaped like a bear), and if you either start breathing noisily or your blood oxygen levels drop too low, the robot will try to get you to to turn over onto your side. And that's where the tickle comes in.

The tickle looks to be effective enough, I guess, but hopefully the bear will come with a setting that you can crank up from "gentle brush" to "turbo skull crusher" for those chronic snorers who really annoy you.

[ JapanTrends ] via [ Gizmodo ]



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