ZenRobotics Makes Recycling Robots, Epic Trailers About Recycling Robots

You don’t have to know anything about what ZenRobotics does, you just have to watch their company trailer

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ZenRobotics Makes Recycling Robots, Epic Trailers About Recycling Robots

We were wondering the other day if robots could help us clean the planet before it becomes a pile of industrial waste, as depicted in the movie WALL-E. Finnish startup ZenRobotics thinks the answer is, “yes.”

ZenRobotics (which I’m going to hereafter type out as "Zen Robotics" ’cause it bugs me) wants you to know that they’re serious about robot recycling. They’re so serious, in fact, that they’ve created this trailer narrated by a guy with a really, really deep voice:

If you’re still wondering what Zen Robotics does, then you obviously need to watch the trailer again, because who cares? They’ve got a trailer! But seriously (or as seriously as this company seems to get), it seems like they want to stick autonomous robots in between our trash cans and the landfill and use them to pick out recyclables. This is not a new idea, but what Zen Robotics looks to be offering is a modular system made completely from off-the-shelf parts that can replace human workers while doing a better job (thanks to advanced sensors) with higher uptime. It’ll save money in the long run, and save the Earth (or whatever) in the longer run, so why not do it?

Also, the companyvs website invents a new robot-related tagline every time to click on something. So far, I’ve seen:

“ZenRobotics - Making robots feel funky”

“ZenRobotics - Well on its way to world domination”

“ZenRobotics - Bring us the soft cushions!”

Yeah, so having a slick and funny website doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re saving the future with recycling robots, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not, and either way, I’m amused.

[ ZenRobotics ] via [ Robot Living ]

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