Problems With Your Robot? You Need the Reset It! App

Willow Garage unveils Reset It!, an app that will make all your robot problems go away. That's right, all of them. A 100 percent reset guarantee!

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Problems With Your Robot? You Need the Reset It! App

Problems with your robot? We've all been there. You've probably tried turning it off and on again, but that's so binary. New for 2012, we're incredibly excited to introduce you to Reset It!™ All your robot problems are now solved. All of them.

From Willow Garage, the developer(s) of the eminently useful POOP SCOOP protocol for the PR2, comes Reset It!™, an app that will, if not make all your demos go perfectly, at least stop them from going horribly wrong, which is more or less the same thing (right?). Watch, and be amazed!

See? They Reset It, YOU CAN TOO! Check out the features:

The family of Reset It!™ apps for your Android phone instantly fix a variety of demo problems:
  • Reset It Collision Map!™
  • Reset It Cost Map!™
  • Reset It Kinect!™
  • Reset It Planning Scene!™
  • Reset It Attached Objects!™
For a limited time, we'll throw in Reset It All!™, which includes all of the above apps plus patented ResetBoot™ technology to guarantee a 100 percent reset.

Reset It!™ for robots is obviously one of the most exciting developments in robotics since ever, but we're even more excited for the inevitable release of Reset It Human!™, which ought to fix the root of all demo problems.

Editor's Note: Hi, the editor here. Before I get the messages asking me if this is a joke (believe me, the messages always come) yes, this is an April Fools'  joke. If you didn't get it, I strongly suggest you purchase the Reset It Human!™ app as soon as it comes out.

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