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Silicon Valley Gets Ready to Code for Cuba

In the Bay Area this weekend? Want to experience a hackathon at Facebook? It’s not too late to Code for Cuba

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Silicon Valley Gets Ready to Code for Cuba
Photo-illustration: iStockphoto

This weekend, Facebook is opening its Menlo Park campus to teams Coding for Cuba.

The challenge: “Build hardware or software tools that can be used by people in Cuba for connectivity and access to information, entrepreneurial support, or journalism and digital advocacy.”

The two-day hackathon, to be held April 25 and 26th, will end in a competition for $7000 in prizes, judged by a panel that includes folks from Facebook, Yahoo, Salesforce, and Stanford. It’s not too late to sign up here. You can also follow the ideas that develop here.

And I’ll fill you in on the winning projects when they are announced.

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