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Meet Cecilia Metra, Eduardo Palacio, and Enrique Tejera

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IEEE Board of Directors members Cecilia Metra [left], Eduardo Palacio [middle], and Enrique Tejera [right].

From left: Danilo Marchesi/Still Life; Martha Palacio; Enrique Tejera

The IEEE Board of Directors shapes the future direction of IEEE and is committed to ensuring IEEE remains a strong and vibrant organization—serving the needs of its members and the engineering and technology community worldwide—while fulfilling the IEEE mission of advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

This article features IEEE Board of Directors members Cecilia Metra, Eduardo Palacio, and Enrique Tejera.

IEEE Fellow Cecilia Metra

Director & Delegate, Division V

Portrait of a smiling woman with dark hair, wearing hoop earrings, a white blouse, and dark blazer.Cecilia Metra, an IEEE Fellow, is director & delegate, Division VDanilo Marchesi/Still Life

Metra teaches electronic engineering while infusing her students with a passion for research and innovation. As a full professor and deputy president of the School of engineering at the University of Bologna in Italy, Metra specializes in design for test and reliability of integrated circuits and systems. She has published extensively (more than 200 papers), and her research has received public and private funding at national and international levels.

Metra has been an enthusiastic volunteer for IEEE for over 30 years, serving in multiple roles, including 2019 president of the IEEE Computer Society. Believing that young generations have the responsibility, ability, and freedom to shape our future, Metra is focused on making IEEE an inclusive community through which all its members can find the knowledge and networking opportunities to foster their professional and personal growth. In addition to her current position on the IEEE Board of Directors, she is co-chairing the IEEE Metaverse initiative, which aims to create a vibrant community of experts in the field, organizing networking events with industry and academia.

Metra is an IEEE Computer Society Golden Core member, awarded to long-standing members or staff who have provided service to the society. She is also a member of the IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) honor society. She has received two meritorious service awards, eight certificates of appreciation, and the Spirit of the Computer Society Award from the IEEE Computer Society. In addition, she is a member of The Institute’s editorial advisory board.

IEEE Life Senior Member Eduardo Palacio

President, IEEE-USA

Portrait of a man wearing glasses, a blue suit and red and blue striped tie.IEEE Life Senior Member Eduardo Palacio is IEEE-USA president.Martha Palacio

Palacio has spent his entire 40-year career designing, developing, and producing electronic countermeasures systems. Currently a small-business owner focused on technology programs and business development for the military and civilian market, Palacio also teaches project management as well as systems engineering and total quality management at Stony Brook University in New York. Most of Palacio’s career was spent in product development focusing on airborne, shipborne, and vehicle protection against enemy missiles and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). His work has kept U.S. allied forces from harm, protecting aircraft and warships from radar-guided missiles and ground vehicles and soldiers from IED attacks.

A member of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, Palacio has been an active IEEE volunteer for more than 30 years—serving in section, region, and global positions. While Region 1 director, he led a team that quickly adapted to the virtual environment and delivered significant member benefits through training sessions, talks, and conferences. As IEEE-USA president, Palacio will look to establish a sustainable model to allow IEEE-USA to succeed and grow.

Palacio is a recipient of the IEEE Third Millennium Medal, the IEEE Long Island Section Harold Wheeler Award for Leadership Excellence, and the IEEE Region 1 Award for Volunteer Leadership.

IEEE Senior Member Enrique Tejera

Director, Region 9: Latin America

Portrait of a dark haired man wearing a black suit and red tie, on a blue backgroundAn IEEE Senior Member, Enrique Tejera is director of Region 9.Enrique Tejera

Tejera is an electromechanical engineer with extensive experience designing, operating, and maintaining power systems, including generation, transmission, and distribution. During his career, he has engaged in projects that affected Panama’s development—as part of the international team working on the electrical interconnection between countries in Central America. He was also responsible for planning the transmission and distribution systems and the maintenance of the Panama Canal power system.

A member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES), Tejera has been an active IEEE volunteer for more than 35 years—serving in almost all the leadership positions in the IEEE Panama Section, including as the section chair in 1992. He has also served as the chair of the Region 9 awards and recognitions committee and on the IEEE Student Activities Committee. Tejera says IEEE can bring valuable information, knowledge, and innovation to the global community. In his position with the IEEE Board of Directors, Tejera is dedicated to increasing IEEE membership satisfaction, retention, and growth.

Tejera is a member of IEEE-HKN, serving on its board of governors (2017-19). Currently, he reviews technical documents for conferences, prizes, and international publications. He is also a PES distinguished lecturer and editor in chief of the Spanish version of the PES Power & Energy Magazine. Tejera has been recognized with several IEEE section, region, and society awards, including the IEEE Region 9 Latin America Theodore Hissey Award (now the Outstanding Student and Young Professional Activities Supporter Award); and the IEEE Region 9 Meritorious Service Award.

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