We're at ICRA in Sweden to Bring You the Latest in Robots, and Duckies

The best robotics research from the largest IEEE robotics conference

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

robot gripper icra 2016
Image: ICRA via YouTube

Tomorrow, the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) opens in Stockholm, Sweden. Over the next three days, more than 1,200 robotics research papers will be presented through a bunch of concurrent interactive conference sessions, and we’ll be running around doing our best to check out every single one of them.

To give you a sense of the kind of thing that we’re expecting to see, here are a quartet of highlights videos that ICRA put together from this year’s paper submissions, featuring the yellow ducky mascot:

See something you’d like details on? Let us know, and we’ll find out more starting tomorrow. And check back the rest of the week (and probably on into next few weeks) for an in-depth look at the most interesting robotics research that we can find.

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