Quantum Rock

REO Speedwagon's keyboardist proves the truth of the adage, "once an EE, always an EE"


Back in the 1960s, Neal Doughty [left] divided his time between electrical engineering classes at the University of Illinois and a rock band he had just started called REO Speedwagon.

The keyboardist still feeds his inner geek; his latest toy is a German-made virtual-analog synthesizer, and he’s reading popular books on quantum physics during the band’s current U.S. tour with Styx and 38 Special.

“The guys were tired of hearing about the Large Hadron Collider on long bus rides,” Doughty says. ”Of course, they don’t mind having a mad scientist on board when it comes to free support for their Macs.”

For tour dates, go to http://www.speedwagon.com.