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Apple Just Announced a Flip-killer, the iPod Nano Video Camera

The Flip video camera is in big trouble, because here comes the iPod Nano

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Apple Just Announced a Flip-killer, the iPod Nano Video Camera

I've been thinking about putting a Flip video camera high on my Christmas list, so much more convenient than lugging around my old digital video cassette camera for family events. But Apple's intro today of its Flip-killer–a video camera that oh, by the way, is built into an iPod Nano–just sunk that idea. Not just because it's an iPod too (I'm thinking I wouldn't use it for music, I'd be saving the memory for movies), but because I have complete faith in Apple making the user interface easy, I won't need to load more software (Flip requires a special app), and it'll go right into iTunes without the conversion that Flip videos require. Plus it's thinner, boasts a five hour battery life, and is about the same price ($149 for 8 GB). And oh yeah, I like the colors. Which could present a problem--do I want pink, or red, or blue...

Followup: I saw my first video Nano in the wild shortly after 7 p.m., just eight hours after the announcement--in the hands of parent taking videos at a back-to-school event. It was a red one. It got away before I could check it out.

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