Various news reports like this one in the Wall Street Journal said that eBay suffered a "search glitch" over the weekend. Apparently, a problem Saturday morning meant that users couldn't search out products on US and on some international web sites. The problem was fixed by Sunday morning.

The WSJ quoted an eBay spokesperson as saying that the problem "resulted from a surge in live listings as sellers ramp up for the holiday season."

eBay said that it has more than 200 million listings, some 33% greater than last year at this time.

The company also said it plans to compensate sellers for the problem.

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Why Functional Programming Should Be the Future of Software Development

It’s hard to learn, but your code will produce fewer nasty surprises

11 min read
A plate of spaghetti made from code
Shira Inbar

You’d expectthe longest and most costly phase in the lifecycle of a software product to be the initial development of the system, when all those great features are first imagined and then created. In fact, the hardest part comes later, during the maintenance phase. That’s when programmers pay the price for the shortcuts they took during development.

So why did they take shortcuts? Maybe they didn’t realize that they were cutting any corners. Only when their code was deployed and exercised by a lot of users did its hidden flaws come to light. And maybe the developers were rushed. Time-to-market pressures would almost guarantee that their software will contain more bugs than it would otherwise.

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