Casino Loses Some $60,000 Due to Software Upgrade Problem

Luckily It Didn't Happen Over A Weekend

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Casino Loses Some $60,000 Due to Software Upgrade Problem

The Lumiere Place Casino & Hotel in downtown St. Louis, Missouri had to shut down its slot machines this Wednesday morning after a software upgrade the previous night went badly, a story in the St. Louis Today reports. The slot machines were shut down from 0800 to 1130 when they were brought back on-line.

The casino reportedly brings in an average of $23,100 per hour while it is open. Wednesday morning is not a busy time so the losses were likely less than that or conversely, what could have occurred over a weekend.

An intriguing bit of the story was that IBM technicians were called in to fix the problem, which wasn't described in any detail. I may be wrong, but I don't think  IBM is in the slot machine software business, so I suspect the problem had to do with some networking software connecting the slot machines themselves.

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