The Robots Podcast: 50 Years of Robotics (Part 1)

The Robots podcast is celebrating its 50th episode.


The Robots Podcast - 50 Years of RoboticsI'm not a fan of self-promotion, but I believe that this may be of general interest: The Robots podcast (I am a founder, now run by my colleague Sabine Hauert) is celebrating its 50th episode today. For the occasion, Robots has interviewed 12 experts from a variety of robotic backgrounds on the topic of "The Past and the Next 50 Years of Robotics". Here is the line up of interviewees for the first part of the two part series:

Part 2 of this series will air in 2 weeks and give a snapshot view of the past and next 50 years in Nano Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Flying Robots, Human-Robot Interaction, Robot Business, and Space Robots. Tune in!

PS: Coinciding with its 50th episode, the Robots podcast has also just launched its new website and forum.

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