We're at ICRA 2012!

Here we are at yet another gigantic robot conference: it's ICRA 2012, the IEEE (that's us!) International Conference on Robotics and Automation, and this year's theme is "Robots and Automation: Innovation for Tomorrow's Needs." While we're not sure we know what that means, exactly, there's still going to be more than enough incredibly awesome robotics research to keep us busy for the next few days.

For Tuesday, here are a few of the presentations we're most excited about:

  • Two Ball Juggling with High-Speed Hand-Arm and High-Speed Vision System
  • System and Design of Clothbot: A Robot for Flexible Clothes Climbing
  • Stable Open-Loop Brachiation on a Vertical Wall

These are just three of the 25 or 30 different talks we have on our schedule for tomorrow, and that's just day one. And, that's not even counting the keynotes. Or workshops. Or the exhibit hall. Yeah, it's a big week for robots, and were going to bring it all to you or die trying. Or, you know, do both of those things at the same time.

[ ICRA 2012 ]



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