Telepresence Robot Fetches Scones, Justifies Pricetag

Wondering what a $15k telepresence robot can do for you? WONDER NO LONGER. With the help of a 4G wireless hotspot, this QB wandered out of the Anybots office into downtown Mountain View, Calif., looking for a snack. A mile later, it found a Red Rock Coffee and ordered a berry scone, tipped something like 125% (!) and then rolled out. Classy.

While it’s a little hard to tell from the vid, I’m assuming that Anybots sent a chaperone of some sort along to make sure that nobody just grabbed QB by the neck and made off with it. And if they didn’t, well, let me know next time you send a robot out for coffee, because I totally want one and I think grand theft robot is the only way it’s gonna happen.

[ Anybots ]



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