This special report explores the latest advances in robotic telepresence and their impact


QB telepresence robot

When My Avatar Went to Work


A robot surrogate took my place at the office. Here's why one may take yours, too

This Is Your Brain on Robots
Telepresence Robots Gallery
+ Video: Testing My New Robot Body

Marvin Minsky and robotic arm

Telepresence: A Manifesto


The legendary pioneer of artificial intelligence calls for a remote-controlled robot economy

Hiroshi Ishiguro and his twin android Geminoid-HI1

The Man Who Made a Copy of Himself


Hiroshi Ishiguro is building androids to understand humans—starting with himself


How to build a telepresence robot

How to Build Your Own Telepresence Robot

Electric-window motors, a tripod, and a netbook provide the makings of a robotic surrogate

UC Berkeley roboticist Ken Goldberg

Q&A: Ken Goldberg on Telerobots, Androids, and Heidegger

The UC Berkeley engineering professor discusses robots and Heidegger. Yes, Heidegger

Robonaut robot

NASA Ready to Send Humanoid Robot to Space

In one giant leap for robotkind, Robonaut will join the crew of the International Space Station

Telenoid robot

Telenoid R1: Hiroshi Ishiguro's Newest and Strangest Android

The Japanese roboticist has unveiled a new, and strange, telepresence robot called the Telenoid R1

Texai robot

How I Became a Texai Robot and Went Partying

I couldn't make it to Willow Garage's PR2 launch party last night, so I went as a robot



When My Avatar Went to Work

An IEEE Spectrum editor becomes a robot for a week — this is what happened


Female Android Geminoid F Unveiled

IEEE Spectrum obtained exclusive images and video of Hiroshi Ishiguro's new android


Surrogates movie

The Reality of Robot Surrogates

How far are we from sending robots into the world in our stead?

KIST humanoid robot

Humanoid Mimics a Person's Movements in Real Time

An operator wearing a sensor suit can control this robot's arm and leg movements

Hackers can attack your robot

Hackers Can Use Your Robot to Cause Harm

Study shows that some remote operated home robots can be hacked

Underwater robot

The Gulf Spill's Lessons for Robotics

The BP accident shows that remote operated underwater robots need better automation

Cyborg Fly

Cyborg Fly Teleoperates Mobile Robot 

Swiss researchers have made a fruit fly steer a mobile robot in the lab

Power line inspection robot

LineScout Robot Inspects Power Lines

The robot has cameras, infrared imager, and arms that allow it to overcome obstacles on the line

Justin space robot

Humanoid Robot Justin Learning To Fix Satellites

Justin is a dexterous humanoid that can make coffee. Now it's learning to fix satellites

iRobot weaponized ground robot

iRobot Demonstrates New Weaponized Robot

Video shows iRobot Warrior robot deploying "anti-personnel obstacle breaching system"