ATRIAS Robot Gets Hit By Barrage of Dodgeballs

Watch this bipedal robot get attacked by vicious dodgeball-loving researchers

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Erico Guizzo is IEEE Spectrum's Digital Innovation Director.

ATRIAS Robot Gets Hit By Barrage of Dodgeballs
Image: Oregon State University Dynamic Robotics Laboratory

Last Friday, we saw ATRIAS, the spring-legged bipedal robot from Oregon State University, getting kicked repeatedly. Today Christian Hubicki from OSU writes in to share another video, which he and his colleagues “had a particularly fun time making.” 

I see. It looks like it was fun for the humans, right ATRIAS? What we think would be more fun is if ATRIAS gets equipped with a dodgeball shooting machine and then we can have a fair game:

What do you say, humans?

PS: The OSU researchers are sending us more details about their robot, and we’ll have that for you in another post.


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