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Amazon Outage Continues; So Does Sony's

Both hope to be back to normal by the weekend

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Amazon Outage Continues; So Does Sony's

Amazon's cloud computing problems from yesterday continues on, albeit the situation reportedly has improved for many of its customers, but alas, not yet for Reddit.

According to a note on Amazon's web services service health dashboard at 0849 PDT:

"We continue to see progress in recovering volumes, and have heard many additional customers confirm that they're recovering. Our current estimate is that the majority of volumes will be recovered over the next 5 to 6 hours. As we mentioned in our last post, a smaller number of volumes will require a more time consuming process to recover, and we anticipate that those will take longer to recover. We will continue to keep everyone updated as we have additional information."

Well, it is now around 1300 PDT, and problems still persist.

By the way, Sony's Playstation network went down across the US and Europe Wednesday night and is likely not to come back up until over the weekend. Sony has not given any details about why its network went down, although it did hint at hacking yesterday.

Some 75 million video game players are not going to be happy.

I'll update this post when things finally do return back to normal for each.

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How Police Exploited the Capitol Riot’s Digital Records

Forensic technology is powerful, but is it worth the privacy trade-offs?

11 min read
 Illustration of the silhouette of a person with upraised arm holding a cellphone in front of the U.S. Capitol building. Superimposed on the head is a green matrix, which represents data points used for facial recognition
Gabriel Zimmer

The group of well-dressed young men who gathered on the outskirts of Baltimore on the night of 5 January 2021 hardly looked like extremists. But the next day, prosecutors allege, they would all breach the United States Capitol during the deadly insurrection. Several would loot and destroy media equipment, and one would assault a policeman.

No strangers to protest, the men, members of the America First movement, diligently donned masks to obscure their faces. None boasted of their exploits on social media, and none of their friends or family would come forward to denounce them. But on 5 January, they made one piping hot, family-size mistake: They shared a pizza.

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