Aldebaran Robotics seeking beta-testers for its Nao humanoid robot

The French robotics company is inviting robot enthusiasts in France and the UK to try Nao -- for a fee

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Erico Guizzo is IEEE Spectrum’s digital innovation director.

Aldebaran Robotics seeking beta-testers for its Nao humanoid robot


Image: Aldebaran Robotics

The French robotics company Aldebaran Robotics, which introduced its Nao humanoid last year, is conducting a beta-test for people interested in helping improve the robot.

Looks like a great opportunity for robo-loving people but there are a few things to note. First, the trial is open only to individuals living in France and the UK. The other thing: beta-testers have to pay. And it's not cheap: 4800 euros for two robots. (At least taxes are included! :)

From their site:

As a beta-tester, you will really be at core of Nao’s adventure. Your experience, your feedbacks, your suggestions and your requests will be the inputs enabling us to improve Nao. We will build a special and close relationship with every beta-tester : you will be invited to exclusive events ; you will be the firtst to know the latest developments on Nao ; you will have access to a dedicated forum to share with us and the other beta-testers ; you will be involved in challenges (not only for advanced programmers) and show us your creativity and skills. You will help us make Nao!

Now, here are the details of the beta-test:  
- it is open for individual customers living in France or UK only 
- it is priced at 4800€, all taxes included 
- for the price, you'll get 2 NAOs: a first one to be beta-tested and, as a gift for your participation and help, a second one as soon as we release the product to the general public 
- the Nao's version to be beta-tested is called "V3+" - this is the most advanced Nao we have ever designed 
- the package also includes all necessary documentation and software, including ChoregrapheC.
- moreover, if we feel an upgrade of your beta-tested Nao is necessary, we will do it and won't charge you for this

To participate, go to this page, download the application form and email them -- deadline is 9 June 2009.

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