Adding An Eye-Tracker To A Mobile Device

The Eye Tribe’s infrared gaze tracking system debuts as $99 Android dongle

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Adding An Eye-Tracker To A Mobile Device

Last April Denmark-based start-up The Eye Tribe demonstrated prototype eye-tracking technology for mobile devices. Its system bounces infrared light off the user’s pupils; that’s not particularly new; The Eye Tribe’s twist is using existing processors in a device to process the tracking data.

This month, the company began taking orders for a US $99 developers kit; the company hopes that the kit will turn out to be a holiday 2013 stocking stuffer for the developer in your life. For 2013, the kit will just be available for Windows tablets (photo above); coming in early 2014, the company says, will be the Android kit (photo below).

The company doesn’t expect to see its infrared attachment hanging off of every mobile device; rather, it plans, by getting developers to start working with its technology, to have a head start when device manufacturers decide to build infrared systems into their products.

I tried out a prototype of the technology in April (see video, above). It was definitely fun; we’ll see if app developers can make it useful.

Photo: The Eye Tribe

A correction to this article was made on 30 September 2013.

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