Live From New York!

Photo by Enrico Ferorelli

The future of television got a test-drive recently in New York City. While ­consumers around the globe are just now getting acquainted with the vivid picture quality of highâ''definition television, or HDTV, a far more advanced super-high-resolution system is in the works. NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, is working on what it has dubbed Super Hi-Vision: a TV technology—not expected to be commercialized for a decade or more—that produces live video with a resolution 16 times that of today’s HDTV and twice that of 70-millimeter movies. The New York City test was recorded for display at a convention of broadcasters who were meeting in Las Vegas.

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[ Editor's note: Technical reasons prevent the proper display of the high-resolution digital images from NHK's new Super Hi-Vision TV camera. We apologize for any inconvenience.]