Video: Drones, Quadrupeds, Humanoids, and More Robots From ICRA 2013

Here are all the robots you may have missed at ICRA conference

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

Video: Drones, Quadrupeds, Humanoids, and More Robots From ICRA 2013

We saw lots of robots at 2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). Like, seriously, lots of robots. Seriously. For real. This year's event had the largest exhibition hall (with the most real robots) that we've ever seen, and a lot of the interactive presentations featured real robots as well. We got as much of it on video and in pictures as we could, and smushed everything together in a fabulous montage and gallery, just for you.

Let me just preface this video by saying that not all of these robots are actually from ICRA: I've also mixed in robots from ETH Zurich, EPFL, and DLR. We'll have much more from these places, so in the meantime, just think of this as a teaser.

I should also mention that there were even more robots at ICRA than this, and we couldn't manage to get video of every single one of them, try as we might. The video is a taste, but there's of course no substitute for an in-person ICRA experience. 

Also, special thanks to GoPro, who sent us one of their Hero3 cameras to use at ICRA. A bunch of this footage comes from the GoPro, and it let us do things like this:

Just try that with a regular camera! Or a regular dog, for that matter.

As I mentioned above, we still have more coverage on the way from our other European adventures, including ETH Zurich, EPFL, and DLR, so stay tuned.

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