UK Parents Mistakenly Told Their Child is Overweight

Software error blamed

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UK Parents Mistakenly Told Their Child is Overweight

The London Telegraph reported that because of a software programming error, the parents of hundreds of UK school children have been told their child is overweight when he or she is not.

According to the Telegraph, "Millions of children in England are weighed at the beginning and end of their time at primary schools as part of the National Child Measurement Programme to combat child obesity." The numbers are then fed into a computer program that will, when certain thresholds are met, automatically generate "feedback letters" informing parents that their children need to lose weight.

However, it was recently discovered that a programming error has led to hundreds of children with healthy body mass indexes being told instead they were overweight, or overweight children that they were very overweight.

The National Health Service (NHS) which runs the National Child Measurement Programme, apologized for any "unnecessary concern" the letter generated.  It also promises to fix the software problem as soon as possible.

The parents of children affected are to be personally contacted about the error.

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