Fun Activity Sheets Introduce Kids to the World of Robots

Bored kids at home? These free, printable worksheets will help kids learn about robots

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Erico Guizzo is IEEE Spectrum's Digital Innovation Director.

Randi Klett is the Photo Director at IEEE Spectrum.

Printable activity sheets about robots
Image: IEEE Spectrum

Robots! Robots! Robots! This collection of fun activity sheets for kids is a perfect introduction to the amazing world of robots.

The activities are meant to be intuitive and clear, with little direction needed so that it’s easy for most kids to do the work independently. We think these activities can be enjoyed by kids age 6 to 12, though older kids (and adults!) may want to explore some of them, too.

The sheets can be printed out or done on a computer or tablet. Some activities require that kids use IEEE Spectrum’s Robots Guide to learn more about some of the robots; other activities, however, don’t require access to the site.

Get the activity sheets here!

This material was created by Spectrum and is free. If you’d like to support this project, please consider making a donation through the IEEE Foundation. We’re regularly updating the Robots Guide, and hope to keep improving the activity sheets too. Have fun with robots!

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Nelmari Morton
Nelmari Morton29 Nov, 2023

Are these activity sheet still available? I get an error code if I click on the download link

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