Robotic Motion Control Enables Breathtaking High-Speed Video

Watch this spectacular demo reel from a German robotic film company

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Robotic Motion Control Enables Breathtaking High-Speed Video

What can you make with a talented robot, a talented crew, and some high-speed cameras? Slow-motion movie magic, I tell you! Magic.

Isn't that spectacular? The company, called The Marmalade, is based in Germany. While it looks like they specialize in high-speed work, what they do is otherwise very similar to San Francisco's own Bot & Dolly, the robot film company behind this epic piece of footage, which has something to do with Louis Vuitton, I guess, but it really doesn't matter.

Anyway, robots helping out with movies like this is a great example of robots showing up in places where we wouldn't necessarily expect them and suddenly making everything 100 percent more amazing. It makes you wonder what the next industry to be unexpectedly transformed by robots will be.

[ The Marmalade ]

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