Robot Hall of Fame 2012 Voting and Tip Sheet

Need help voting for the 2012 inductees? We'll give you the pros and cons of each bot up for the honor

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Robot Hall of Fame 2012 Voting and Tip Sheet

Carnegie Mellon's Robot Hall of Fame (that's RHoF for you neobots) will be inducting four brand new robots this October, and you get to help choose which ones are worthy. We have the whole lineup for you, along with insightful expert commentary on each from us here at IEEE Spectrum to help aid you in your decision-making process.

Education & Consumer

iRobot Create

Pros: It's a robot that you can make into a better robot!
Cons: Why didn't they just make it a better robot to begin with?


Pros: Can play soccer.
Cons: Is terrible at soccer.

VEX Robotics Design System

Pros: Motto of VEX: "Think. Create. Build. Amaze."
Cons: Definition of VEX: "Irritate. Annoy. Provoke. Torment."



Cons: NONE!!!


Pros: Recognized and appreciated by an older demographic.
Cons: Recognized and appreciated by an older demographic.

Johnny 5

Pros: An actual robot!
Cons: Not as awesome as WALL-E.

Industrial & Service

iRobot Packbot

Pros: Uh, it saves people's lives?
Cons: If the Create wins, there'd be two inductees from iRobot, and we can't very well have that.


Pros: Unlike most robots, it's exceptionally water-resistant.
Cons: I get seasick.


Pros: Bribing the judges should be noooo problem.
Cons: What, having Amazon buy your company for $775 million isn't enough and you need to win this too?



Pros: Have you seen this thing running around? I mean, seriously, come on now.
Cons: They haven't given it a saddle.


Pros: Can do, you know, like, whatever you want, man.
Cons: Is only marginally faster than I am at folding laundry.


Pros: It's in space! How cool is that!
Cons: Will be unable to attend induction ceremony.

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