Innovative Backup Power Solution for Data Centers

UPSs are not always the ideal solution for securing a data center. It is time for new solutions to bring new benefits.

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CE+T Power

CE+T Power

The number of datacenters is increasing dramatically around the world. Overall availability remains a major concern, as the cost of datacenter downtime has increased over time. Different solutions are proposed to resolve this issue.

Current solutions are mainly composed of a standard UPS. Even if those solutions have evolved, UPS solutions still have significant disadvantages. Non-modularity means it is impossible to invest gradually, bulky footprints occupy about 20% of valuable floor space, there is often substantial stranded power and oversized power infrastructure, maintenance is complex, and tests for generators and batteries are difficult. The innovative CE+T solution, called Power Fusion, inexpensively solves these problems.

CE+T Power

This game-changing approach consists of modular, distributed Power Fusion satellites located above IT server cabinets and interconnected with a DC bus to share the energy stored in batteries or produced by different sources, such as the electrical grid, generators or renewables, and also to manage peak consumptions and power outages. Each Power Fusion satellite contains a complete solution with power converters, batteries and monitoring and is capable of supplying 2.5 kW to 10.0 kW of power to local servers.

Founded in 1934, CE+T designs and manufactures power converters to secure critical applications. CE+T offers solutions for the telecom, datacenter, industry, power utility, transport and renewable energy markets.

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