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IEEE Computer Society Providing Live Video of the 2012 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit

Discussions of top tech topics to be broadcast on the Web

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Today and tomorrow, you can watch researchers from Microsoft Research discussing their work, aimed at solving the some of the world’s most difficult computing challenges. The featured talks and panels, part of the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit taking place at Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash., campus, are being streamed live courtesy of the IEEE Computer Society. The panels being broadcast today will cover topics such as natural user interfaces and technology policy; tomorrow, technologists unable to attend the event will still get to witness Rick Rashid, chief research officer at Microsoft Research, talk about the blending of physical and virtual worlds, and Harold Javid, the research center’s director of regional programs, share ideas about how to foster the next generation of computer scientists.

To view the summit, visit https://www.computer.org/microsoftsummit.


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