How a Bitcoin Transaction Works

From virtual wallets to hashes and nonces, follow Alice's payment to Bob, and learn how bitcoins change hands

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Diagram showing how a Bitcoin transaction works Bitcoin has gone from being an experiment in anarchy to becoming a billion dollar online currency. But how does a bitcoin transaction works? Follow Alice's payment to Bob to understand how bitcoin operates.IEEE Spectrum

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Tony Fadell: The Nest Thermostat Disrupted My Life

The Nest founder tells of years in pursuit of a thermostat he actually likes

7 min read
A man holds a circular device in front of a blue wall that says nest on it.

Tony Fadell shows off the Nest thermostat in 2012.

Karsten Lemm/picture-alliance/dpa/AP

The thermostat chased me for 10 years.

That is pretty extreme, by the way. If you’ve got an idea for a business or a new product, you usually don’t have to wait a decade to make sure it’s worth doing.

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