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ETH Zurich Presents: Juliet's Christmas Tree

Can you stand one more holiday video featuring cute quadrotors? Sure you can!

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ETH Zurich Presents: Juliet's Christmas Tree

ETH Zurich tells the story of Juliet, one of their resident quadrotors, who decided to have an adventure on Christmas eve.

"As hard-working PhD students went home on a Christmas evening, Juliet, a little quadrocopter, found herself awake and unable to sleep. Perhaps it was her neighbors, Kilo and Lima, snoring too loudly. So she got up and started looking around, quickly discovering a small pretty Christmas tree lit up in the office. The tree was behind a glass window, so she decided to build her own tree -- out of foam bricks left over from another project. She even found some candles and lights... and even some matches!"

Three things:

  • I love the charging system.
  • I really love the ping-pong ball eyes!
  • I hate to have to ask this again, but are we sure that we should be giving robots access to fire?

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