How to Watch the DARPA SubT Urban Circuit Competition

The Urban Circuit competition starts today, and you can follow along through DARPA's livestream

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

Erico Guizzo is IEEE Spectrum’s digital innovation director.

DARPA SubT Urban Circuit competition
Image: DARPA

The Urban Circuit, the second of four robotics competitions that are part of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge, kicks off today, and you can follow along with what’s going on through DARPA’s livestream.

Round 1 happens from February 20 (Thursday) to February 22 (Saturday), and Round 2 from February 24 (Monday) to February 26 (Wednesday).

DARPA says the livestream is on a one hour time delay for competition integrity, but the good news is that the coverage includes commentary and interviews. “We intend to have both narration of the action and commentary where applicable,” DARPA SubT program manager Tim Chung told us. “We’re opening the aperture because there are a lot of really interesting features that we’d love our viewing audience to be able to witness, and that includes robots traversing interesting features and elements within the course, so you can look forward to more of that.”

Here’s today’s livestream (Urban Circuit Awards Ceremony & Technical Interchange Meeting):

Archived Livestreams

Round 1 – Day 1:

Round 1  Day 2:

Round 1  Day 3:

Round 2   Day 1:

Round 2  Day 2:

Round 2  Day 3:

There’s a media day on the 24 that we’ll be at, so make sure and let us know if there are specific things you want us to check out.

Also, you can hear directly from the teams themselves by following #SubTChallenge on Twitter.

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