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The game indsutry always needs some rock star geeks.   And the current one is Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski.  The lead designer of Epic Games is behind the brawny sci-fi shooter Gears of War, one of the fastest sellers ever for the Xbox 360 and a coming film from New Line.  The game, for all its flash, are suitably geek-friendly -  complete with a DIY editing program to create your own levels.  It’s all part of Bleszinski's grand design to put the power back in the machine. “There are a lot of designers who want to quit the blockbuster game thing,” he once told me, “but I’m a go-big-or-go-home big action blood on the screen all hell breaking loose kind of guy.”   And the fanboys who churn out CliffyB YouTube devotionals and t-shirts love him for it.   After all, he’s one of their own:  a bratty kid from the suburbs who grew up dressing like a ninja and coding his own games.  While most game designers are anonymous cogs, CliffyB’s pyrotechnics have made him the most iconic people in the industry - whether including a pulpy chainsaw gun in Gears or paling around with pornstars in a giant white bunny suit. “I want to show the world how rad it is to be a game designer,” he says.

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