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CES 2011: In The Chips

New chips take the spotlight at the 2011 CES

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CES 2011: In The Chips

Two days does not a trend make…or does it? The consumer electronics show in Las Vegas has always been about what the products do—show big pictures, communicate blazingly fast. Secondarily, CES typically has a couple of standards subtexts, for the industry learned in the bloody Betamax/VHS battle over videotape, it ignores standards at its peril. But little attention has typically been paid to the chips inside of all these shiny new devices—even the flashy Intel Inside campaign a number of years ago didn’t change that.

But this year, the chips are taking a bow. Yesterday, it was Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors that had their moment in the spotlight.

Today, JVC at its press conference referred repeatedly to its new Falconbrid (that’s not a typo for bird) microprocessor that will soon power a new generation of products, including displays with 4K by 2K resolution and high-speed cameras. The processor will also be the heart of the company’s new high definition 3D camcorder that ships in March.

Over at Samsung, booth representatives were well-trained in describing the way that company's BSI CMOS sensor were making its camera's better than ever.

Will a nod to the processor become as common to consumer electronics product introductions as thanks to mom are at Academy Award acceptances? Stay tuned.

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