UPenn's Robockey Cup Looks Like Fun, Even At Night

We're onto you, University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering. You say you're teaching your students about computer-controlled electromechanical systems, but really, it's all just one big excuse to host your own robockey tournament every year. You're not fooling anyone, even if you host your matches at night.

The final exam in UPenn's Design of Mechatronic Systems class has the students designing a mechatronic system in the form of a small team of autonomous hockey-playing robots. These teams of robots face off against each other in a big tournament of "robockey" (not robohockey, but robockey), where I assume the winning team gets an A+ and everyone else fails the course. Watch some of the action unfold in the video below:

I guess sometimes these robockey matches even take place in the dark, with admittedly cool results like the picture at the top of this article. Here's another one, just for kicks:

Not bad for a team of unintentionally artsy robots. Long-exposure Roomba and friends would be proud.

Via [ UPenn ]



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