Robot Video Roundup

Here's a bunch of nifty robot vids that I haven't had a chance to post about yet, so I thought I'd toss 'em all up for you in bite-size format. Enjoy!

-Survivor Buddy

Like Taurus, Survivor Buddy (from Texas A&M and Stanford) is designed to augment existing robotic platforms to give them additional capabilities. Specifically, it's a little moving screen that can help make people who are trapped in uncomfortable places feel a little better without having to rely on the steely inhuman gaze of a rescue robot:

 -LEGO Sorting LEGO Delta Robots

While I'm a proponent of the big tub o' mixed up LEGO bricks, I recognize that sometimes organization can be important. And what better way to organize LEGO bricks than with a LEGO brick organizing robot made out of LEGO bricks?

Lots more info here.


PhillieBot was created by students at UPenn's GRASP Lab in a month and a half of spare time work. It's specifically designed to to lob a game-opening pitch at around 60 kph "to ensure safety," but such speeds are, well, kinda tame. I'd say, if you're gonna make a pitching robot, you might as well just give it a baseball cannon and impress the crowd, especially if the Philly Phanatic is attempting to catch the ball projectile.

The Philadelphia Enquirer has more.

-PR2 Solves a Rubik's Cube

Yes, we have seen many a robot solve a Rubik's Cube, but this is the University of Ulster's brand new PR2, so I think they deserve to show it off a bit:



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