Exclusive: Super Duper Ultra Mega Secret Willow Garage PR2 Research

So what's been going on at Willow Garage for the past few months? We'd tell you that it involved cake, but that would be a lie. Instead, we have these exclusive secret pictures from deep inside the gigantic underground labyrinth that we're pretty sure is hidden beneath 68 Willow Road. 

A PR2 with a Portal device? This is going to be trouble.


This TurtleBot also has an ASHPD. More trouble.


Even the PR1 is armed and dangerous. Or armed, at least.


And now the robots are getting bad ideas:


Very, very bad ideas:


Special thanks to Chad Rockey and Mihai Pomarlan for risking their lives to get us these images.

And in other breaking but totally fictitious news, a rumor that I just made up has it that Willow has been acquired by Cave Johnson and Aperture Science to make robots that are just as trustworthy as humans:


If none of this makes sense to you, it's worth investing some time in Portal 2. For science.



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