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Air Hockey 2.0

Engineering a classic arcade game for the digital generation.

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Arcades have been struggling to survive ever since the Playstation Nation booted up to higher quailty gaming experiences at home. 

Improving the arcade experience has been hit or miss.

So-called location-based games - those big machines that simulate, say, surfing or motorcycling - charge a premium for the kind of immersive experience you can't get in your living room (even with a Wii).  With the exception of Dance Dance Revolution, a boogie-by-numbers phenomenon that successfully made the precipitous leap from Japan to the U.S., however, we have yet to see an arcade game spark a Pac-Man sensation for a new generation.

Now Sega seems to be taking a more retro approach by re-enginnering one classic arcade experience - air hockey. has a preview and video of one of these new machines.  Yes, you still play with a puck and paddle, but there's a whole lot more happening on the responsive, video playfield.   Here's a look.  Maybe there's no room to improve on some games after all.


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