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The 25 Most Striking IEEE Spectrum Covers of All Time

We dug through our dusty archives to bring you the best cover images-and also some strange ones-in IEEE Spectrum's history. What's your favorite?

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A high-fashion model on the cover of IEEE Spectrum? It happened with the June 1984 issue, which featured a special report on technology and the individual. This being Spectrum, the model, Robin Eelman, appeared next to a CGI metallic robot designed by Bell Labs researchers.
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Asad Madni and the Life-Saving Sensor

His pivot from defense helped a tiny tuning-fork prevent SUV rollovers and plane crashes

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Asad Madni and the Life-Saving Sensor

In 1992, Asad M. Madni sat at the helm of BEI Sensors and Controls, overseeing a product line that included a variety of sensor and inertial-navigation devices, but its customers were less varied—mainly, the aerospace and defense electronics industries.

And he had a problem.

The Cold War had ended, crashing the U.S. defense industry. And business wasn’t going to come back anytime soon. BEI needed to identify and capture new customers—and quickly.

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