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iRobot and InTouch Health Announce RP-VITA Telemedicine Robot

Ever since iRobot announced its Healthcare Robotics division in 2009, we've been speculating about what the company would come up with. Our first guess was a telepresence platform (based on the ConnectR), but when we met Ava in January of 2011, that healthcare-telepresence idea got super-sized. A year ago this week, iRobot partnered with InTouch Health to "revolutionize how people communicate and deliver information through remote presence," and now it's looking like our prediction was pretty darn close, as iRobot and InTouch are today officially unveiling the RP-VITA, an Ava-based telemedicine platform for hospitals. We spoke with InTouch chairman and CEO Yulun Wang along with iRobot senior VP Glen Weinstein to get you all the details.

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Custom Japanese Hobby Robot Somersaults with Servo Tentacles

Straight from Japan comes this robot called "Metallic Vaio 2012," which has a style of locomotion that we've never seen before. Instead of using arms or legs, it's got a sort of combination of both: two long tentacles made out of chains of servos that it uses to crawl around and rapidly somersault from place to place.

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Video Friday: Pretending to Learn Things at Stanford, Emys Likes Colors, and a Girlfriend for Robonaut

Robonaut would be a pretty desirable dude to date. Good looks, steady job, big muscles, what more could a lady robot want? To make this love story happen, we just need to send a lady robot into space, and AILA could be the one. Look for the feature film (Cooperative Microgravitic Manipulation: a Romance) to premiere on Video Friday just as soon as we can make it happen, but for this week, you'll just have to suffer through what amounts to a teaser trailer instead. But don't worry, it's not all disappointment... That's the beauty of Video Friday: it's a simultaneous microcosm of everything that is right and wrong with the universe. And while you're thinking that one through, enjoy this week's vids.

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Video Tour: All of iRobot's Coolest Stuff

A week or two ago we promised you some incredible video from deep inside iRobot's super secret volcano lair, and today, we're delivering. We've got 25 awesome minutes of Nancy Dussault Smith, vice president of marketing communications at iRobot, giving us a personal tour of the company's museum, with artifacts ranging from Colin Angle's first robot all the way to experimental projects that never made it into production.

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Robot Eyes Track Ping Pong Balls

ishikawa super fast camera robot

Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa from the University of Tokyo writes in to point us to their latest video. It shows their 1,000-frames-per-second camera using a pan-tilt system to track a ping pong ball. The device is so fast it can always keep the ball in the center of the frame. 

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Robot Film Festival Highlights

The second annual Robot Film Festival convened this weekend, with fans and even few bots in attendance. Heather Knight, creator of the performing robot Data and Marilyn Monrobot, founded the festival. This year kicked off with a screening of the Sundance Film Festival winner Robot and Frank, which will hit theaters in the United States in August. An afternoon jam packed with short robot films followed, complete with a robot red carpet—featuring International Robotics' Millennia—and the evening’s awards, the Botskers. 

The short films, and a few robot commercials, are all posted on the festival's site. 

NASA Testing Rover to Prospect for Water on the Moon

This prototype lunar rover is carrying a payload called RESOLVE, which (in one of the least-strained NASA acronyms I've ever heard) stands for Regolith and Environment Science and Oxygen and Lunar Volatiles Extraction. RESOLVE is "the next step in lunar exploration." designed to prospect for sources of water that might make a permanent lunar outpost possible.

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Multi-stage Micro Rockets for Robotic Insects

You know you've found something good when you can take a headline straight out of a research paper and slap it right onto a blog article. Multi-stage micro rockets and flying robotic insects! Can it get any more awesome?

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Video Friday: Nao Boogies Down, Snakebots Climb Up, and Skippy Throws Rocks

Snakebot attacks human, film at 11. Or, right now.

Yes, we've made it through yet another week of awesome robot news, and you've made it through yet another week of reading awesome robot news. Congratulations to us both! To celebrate, here are a bunch of videos, since, you know, it's Video Friday and all. W00t!

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UAV Battery Packs Could Allow Electric Planes To Fly Forever

It's hard to beat the energy density of gasoline. You have to go with either compressed hydrogen, something nuclear, or antimatter. This is bad news for everything that runs on electricity, which includes all of our gadgets, electric cars, and (much more recently) electric aircraft. In order to make electric aircraft viable, a creative solution is necessary, and it doesn't get much more creative than autonomous midair recharging from giant flying UAV battery packs.

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