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Xbox Alive with Facebook

Social networking + gaming = Score!

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It's been a week since Xbox Live launched access to Facebook on its online service - and the numbers are in.  Two million players logged on to Facebook through their game consoles.

This is a big deal.

Xbox Live was already a thriving social hub, combining gameplay, community, and chat.  Now with Facebook/Twitter access, it's unstoppable. What's Microsoft's big plan?  To build "the largest social network connected to the TV," as a spokesperson puts it.

It wasn't long ago that Microsoft was the new kid in console gaming - taking on Sony and Nintendo.  I remember going to the Microsoft campus months before Xbox launched, and leaving with the feeling that this was not just a console but a trojan horse to "own" the living room.  Now look at what's happened.  Sony has been dethroned, and Xbox Live is by far the coolest console community online. 

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