Welland Ontario Voter Notification Cards Fouled Up

Some 23,000 out of 24,072 discovered to be incorrect

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Welland Ontario Voter Notification Cards Fouled Up

There was a story published in the Ontario, Canada Welland Tribune that just begs for more information to be provided.

Apparently, the City of Welland bought a commercial computer program - unnamed - to help the City Clerk generate 24,072 voter notification cards containing a voter's name, home address, ward, poll number and voting location. Unfortunately, 23,000 of the cards were later found out to contain mistakes.

The City Clerk says that 600 notification cards were initially printed and verified. After that verification process, the remaining 23,472 notification cards were printed and sent out. Soon afterwards, it became apparent that nearly all of those had wrong wards or poll numbers on them, but correct voting location.

The City Clerk was quoted as saying that there was nothing wrong with the voter database or its information.

The City Clerk decided to reprint all 24,072 notification cards, this time on colored paper instead of white paper that was used originally. The white notification cards should be thrown away.

This time, the City Clerk and her staff did a random check of hundreds of notification cards and found them to be correct.

The City Clerk's office could not say how much it was going to cost to do the job twice.

Nor, apparently, did it provide any sort of detailed explanation of what happened and why.

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