Virginia Tech’s RoMeLa Rocks RoboCup 2011

RoMeLa takes first place in both the KidSize and AdultSize humanoid soccer competitions at RoboCup 2011. Watch videos of the matches

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

Virginia Tech’s RoMeLa Rocks RoboCup 2011

/image/1889609CHARLI-2 and DARwIn-OP robots relax in front of the Louis Vuitton Humanoid Cup.

It’s been a wild week at RoboCup 2011 in Istanbul, but we’ve got results for you: Virginia Tech’s RoMeLa has emerged victorious in both the KidSize and AdultSize leagues, and they’re bringing home the stylish and coveted (and stylish) Louis Vuitton Humanoid Cup for Best Humanoid for their AdultSize robot, CHARLI-2. This is big news, since Europe and Asia have historically dominated the RoboCup competitions, and in fact this’ll be the very first time that the Cup (pictured above) has made it to the United States.

/image/1889610Dr. Dennis Hong (center) rewards a DARwIn-OP robot for a job well done.

We’ll have more details for you in the coming weeks from RoMeLa, their Team DARwIn partners at UPenn, and the other RoboCup teams, but for now, they all deserve a little break. Don’t worry, though: we’ve got a bunch of video including RoMeLa’s team of home grown DARwIn-OP humanoids in the finals, CHARLI-2’s final match, and footage of the non-humanoid competitions as well (definitely don’t miss the Middle Size final). Once again, congrats to Dr. Dennis Hong and the entire RoMeLa team (and their robots) for an impressive performance.

KidSize Final Match: Team DARwIn vs. CIT Brains (Japan).

AdultSize Final Match: Team CHARLI vs. Singapore Polytechnic University’s ROBO-ERECTUS.

Middle Size Final Match: Team Tech United (Netherlands) vs. Team Water (China).

Small Size Final Match: Team Skuba (Thailand) vs. Team Immortals (Iran).

Standard Platform Final Match: Team B-Human (Germany) vs. Team Nao Devils (Germany).

TeenSize Final Match: Team NIMBRO (Germany) vs. Team KMUTT Kickers (Thailand).

For more RoboCup 2011 video, check out both the BotSportTV and DutchRobotics YouTube channels.

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