Virgin Blue Reservation System Went Down Again

Out for another two hours on Wednesday

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Virgin Blue Reservation System Went Down Again

Virgin Blue airlines in Australia suffered yet another reservation and check-in system crash Wednesday morning from 0510 to 0700 AEST, various news outlets reported. The reservation system suffered a meltdown last Sunday morning that lasted into early Monday morning and affected over 50,000 Virgin Blue passengers.

ABCNews reported that "passengers at Brisbane Airport were being checked in manually and flights were delayed at Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin airports. There appeared to be no delays at Adelaide or Perth airports."

The reservation system, which Virgin Blue said had suffered only a "slight glitch",  was able to return to "normal" but operated slowly for the remainder of the morning, news reports stated.

Virgin Blue had been accused by ABCNews of banning news media from its terminals when word of the reservation system crash leaked out. The airline denied that was the case. Instead, it blamed the Australian Federal Police's (AFP) desire for keeping the media out to avoid adding to the passenger congestion.


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