What Tech Companies Have Been Hiring in Silicon Valley? Here Are the Top 20

The list starts with A: Apple, Amazon

Apple CEO Tim Cook greets customers with employees at an Apple Store on November 3, 2017 in Palo Alto, California.
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In Indeed.com’s latest study of Silicon Valley’s tech job openings, released this week, the job search firm gave a snapshot of which companies are doing the most hiring. And, for the first 11 months of 2017, the older, established companies dominated: Apple, Oracle, Google, and Cisco were among the highest ranked.

While that may be no surprise—these big Silicon Valley companies are always hiring—the top 20 list did have a few unexpected members. Amazon, a company typically considered to be Seattle’s whale, not Silicon Valley’s, came in at number two. And Walmart’s eCommerce group jumped in at number 13, which reflects Walmart’s recent push into artificial intelligence, according to Indeed’s analysis.

Drilling down into the data for specific metro areas, Indeed found that in San Francisco, Salesforce, Square, Amazon, Uber, and Twitter rank on top; for San Jose, Cisco, PayPal, and eBay are the top recruiters; and in Oakland, Pandora and Oracle capture the top spots.

The complete 20 are in the table below.

Silicon Valley tech companies ranked by job postings (January through November, 2017) according to Indeed.com

1 Apple
2 Amazon
3 Cisco
4 Oracle
5 Google
6 Facebook
7 Salesforce
8 Intel
9 GE Corporate
10 Intuit
11 VMware
12 Visa
13 Walmart eCommerce
14 Workday
15 Adobe
16 Nvidia
17 Yahoo Inc.
18 Tesla Motors
19 PayPal
20 eBay

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